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A podcast celebrating the awesomeness that is the Star Trek Universe! Whether it's The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Picard, or anything in between, we love it all!

Apr 20, 2021

Positively Trek 103: Alex Kurtzman on the Blurring Line Between Film and Television
What Does This Mean for the Future of Star Trek?

Alex Kurtzman recently made some comments about the continuing evolution of film and television, highlighting the fact that the separation between the two is much less apparent now that it...

Apr 16, 2021

Positively Trek 102: Book Club: Survivors
Keeping Data Regular

Lieutenant Tasha Yar was a character who didn’t get much of a chance to shine. Lasting not quite an entire season, Denise Crosby elected to leave the show before the end of season one. While the true potential of the character went unrealized on screen, one...

Apr 13, 2021

Positively Trek 101: An Overload of Trek News on First Contact Day!
Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks Trailers, & Prodigy Janeway!

We have SO MUCH NEWS to report this week! Join hosts Bruce and Dan on this week’s Positively Trek as we break down all the stories from First Contact Day as well as a myriad of other news...

Apr 5, 2021

Positively Trek 100: So Much to Celebrate!
Our 100th Episode on First Contact Day!

We made it! 100 episodes! In this very special episode of Positively Trek, hosts Dan and Bruce are joined by Damien Devlin, YouTube’s “The Irish Trekkie,” to discuss the film Star Trek: First Contact, which unbelievably turns 25...

Apr 2, 2021

Positively Trek 99: Book Club: One Constant Star
Wait, Which Captain Sulu Was That Again?

The voyages of the Enterprise-B continue as Captain Demora Sulu and her crew confront a mysterious device on the surface of an unknown world that leaves one crewman missing and the first officer critically injured. When the captain...