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A podcast celebrating the awesomeness that is the Star Trek Universe! Whether it's The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Picard, or anything in between, we love it all!

Jul 7, 2020

It turns out that Star Trek fans are everywhere! On this week’s episode of Positively Trek, Dan and Bruce welcome Dr. Brian Goldman, an ER doctor, healthcare pundit, author, and radio host to the show. We discuss his fandom, what people can do to stay safe in the age of COVID, the special role that the music of Star Trek has played in his life, his show White Coat, Black Art and podcast The Dose, and his recent book, The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy Is Essential in Everyday Life.

In the news segment, we talk about the newly-revealed release date for Star Trek: Lower Decks and highlight an article from SyFyWire interviewing Scott & David Tipton about the upcoming Deep Space Nine comic miniseries, Too Long a Sacrifice from IDW.


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STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS Beams Down August 6, Plus: First Look at the California-Class USS Cerritos:

Writers Behind IDW's New Star Trek: DS9 Comic Talk Show’s Legacy:


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